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A while ago, I had a meeting with Andreas Johannsen and someone else from Synkron, a Danish CMS provider. They asked me how they could “use” the Reference Profile. One of the issues that came up was about RSS, which is acknowledged in the reference profile.

The other day, Andreas told me that one of their clients, Ribe County, now has a RSS-feed. Excellent news! We are going to list this as a good example in the extended info pages of the profile, we are working on. Know any good examples of RSS in government around the world? Let me know.

Here in my blog, I used to use my OPML-blogroll to present my blogrolls and news from my linkroll. For a variety of reasons, I currently use my new Cut n’ Paste JavaScript RSS Feed service, which is a handy tool for showing RSS-feeds on static webpages using a few lines of javascript (hmm, how much damage does this method do these days? A few years ago it was not good, but hasn’t things improved?)).

The service is an out-of-the-box install of Feed2JS, which is based on Magpie, a great XML parser in php. See it in action with Ribe Amt’s feed using the simple client that comes with Magpie. Magpie not only supports all RSS flavours, but also supports Atom feeds. Magpie and Feed2JS are GPL-products.

You are welcome to use the service on my server, but please let me know if you do so. Someone in Ribe (or Synkron?) might want to offer some similar services?

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