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StrikeIron and their Web Services Business Network (WSBizNet) has included my GotzeLinked web service in their network service, which is in beta launch now. My service being there, people can now do various stuff around my web service: they can test drive it, monitor it and check it’s performance, and also learn about it in the Knowledge base. For developers, StrikeIron offers a number of services, such as an analyzer client service ($99 a year). Nice.

I have known a similar service for while: Mindreef SOAPscope. The price is the same, $99 a year. Several developers I know are using it, and you know it is a serious tool when it gets a Phil Windley review.

Phil is one of the external reviewers we have on board for our grande reference implementation of WSSec, which our developers Ren̩ and Brian are developing. Ren̩ noted: We are a bit behind schedule Рeven so Рgood things will come to those who wait!

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