Principles and politics

Today’s word in The EA Glossary is Principle. I’ve collected a number of central definitions, which should be worth looking at.

One of my ideas with the glossary blog is of course to create a glossary feed, which would be a decent way to syndicate the content. While I pretty much stick with a standard Typepad setup for the blog, which includes default RSS 1.0 and Atom feeds, I find the default exclusion (or, non-inclusion) of a RSS 2.0 feed wrong, and have added one, so the content is also available in
RSS 2.0
(full content).

Actually, when speaking of principles, and especially architectural such, it is interesting to note how important architectural decisions, such as the choice of syndication format standards – which are directly impacting the customers – seems to be driven by a complex set of principles, but also by pure politics and people/power games.

Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer talks about three guiding principles for enterprise erchitects: the Minimalist Architecture Principle, the Decisions With Teeth Principle, and Connect-the-Dots Principle:

With a minimalist architecture, and connected dots, we can turn to the governance process to provide the teeth that will make the architecture stick.

Did SixApart connect the dots when deciding to exclude RSS 2.0? Did Google show teeth when choosing Atom?

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