ICA Enterprise Architecture Study Group Survey

We have launched the ICA Enterprise Architecture Study Group Survey:

The survey is intended to gather basic information about ICA countries’ work with government Enterprise Architecture. The study group wants to emphasise that all ICA member countries are invited to reply to the survey, whether their work is called Enterprise Architecture or not.

The objective of collecting data through this survey is to get a comprehensive overview of activites in the EA field in ICA countries. Such overview does not exist today, at least not in the public domain, and it is found that the survey would be welcomed by the international community.

Everyone working with enterprise architecture in government should consider responding to the survey.

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  • Ny EA undersøgelse

    International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration, eller blot ICA, gennemfører i denne tid en undersøgelse om enterprise architecture. FormÃ¥let er at afdække, hvad der sker pÃ¥ EA-omrÃ¥det i medlemslandene, herunder Danm…

  • Per Bjorn Gydesen
    July 19, 2004 11:28 am

    Hi John,
    I’ve read the survey and have a few comments:
    Answers 9,12,15,18,26,38,40 and 41 are all listed with the danish words for yes & no. I do not suspect that it will cause big problems, but there is a risk that some will be confused. The very last sentence says ‘and might as you to review our use of your data’ – it should probably be ‘and might want you..’?

  • Per,
    That’s called localisation :-) I know it’s a bit confusing that it is only some of the info that is presented in local language, but that’s the way it is …
    And, it should say “ask” not “as”.

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