Back from Bosnia

I am back from another mission in Bosnia. We were doing site-visits and other review work in the Brcko District. I can’t talk about our findings yet, but will seek clearence, since there are some interesting stories.

The official website for the district is a whole story in itself, that I look forward to talk more about. The website was operational for a while (WaybackMachine), but has been under reconstruction for a long time. Due to reopen again pretty soon, we were told.

Speaking of reopenings, I was of course in Bosnia at a special time: The opening of the restored Old Bridge in Mostar. Having tried regional transport during the week, I opted not to go to Mostar, and ended watching the opening event on television.

When I travel, I always bring books. This time, I brought Francis Fukuyama‘s State Building (US). I am normally not a big fan of Fukuyama, but found this book very good and will without doubt recommend it to anyone interested in this important theme, state-building. One of the many good points Fukuyama makes is a strong distinction between state-building and nation-building, and about the scope of states, and their strength. He has a short article in The Observer about this.

I took a number of pictures on my new OLYMPUS CAMEDIA C-310 Digital Camera. I have prepared a photo album on my TypePad site, but still need to transfer the pictures. And I also need to learn to remember to bring the camera whereever I go … I forgot it most of the time and didn’t get to take that many pictures.

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