I am preparing for the new term at university. I teach a masters course at the IT University. The course is about enterprise architecture. The course is also on open university offering and still open for registration for a few more days.

The course is using “blended learning”, that is, it is partly netbased and partly based on classes/seminars (four Saturdays) and a group project with field work. Besides using a dedicated e-learning platform (Luvit), I plan to use blogs, feeds and P2P tools. I know of at least one blogger among the students. Would it be inappropriate to ask students to provide a dedicated RSS-feeds? Either from a blog, or from whatever can create a feed.

As for the course book, I have decided to retire Spewak’s book, partly because I thought it might be relevant to invite the author to an online chat (Spewak sadly died earlier this year). I used Spewak’s book last term, and found that it was a bit heavy on the students, and also quite expensive. I’ll still recommend Spewak’s book, of course.

But I have chosen IT Architecture Toolkit by Jane Carbone as the new course book. This book, published just months ago, presents a simple yet comprehensive “toolkit” for practical enterprise architecture. I think Carbone’s framework will be welcomed by the students, although I realise that the book cannot stand alone.

So, I am also going to collect a number of papers and chapters for the students. I am open to suggestions for good EA-material.

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