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There is progress in my development of a web service for the Danish Interoperability Framework. The web service, which I have a developer, Dat, in Vietnam helping me develop, was originally modelled after the Google api, and used rpc-encoded bindings. But in order to enable “interoperability by the book”, the updated version of the web service now uses a document literal binding method in the WSDL.

I would like to invite web service practitioners to evaluate the service. My intent is to make the service fully standards complaint, but I am challenged by the spec, and can’t get the test tool to run.

I am using a few online tools to play around with the service:

It seems the service works, but I did find a few bugs, and invite bughunters and -reports.

I am pretty excited about the web service 🙂 It is beginning to be a “serious” thing, although everything is done in my spare time and with a very small budget. My excitement is not only about the service itself, but also about the nature of the solution. The web service is made as a plugin – codenamed WS4LSQL – to a popular web application system (Gossamer Threads Links SQL), and can with a bit of work be reused on the thousands of sites that run LSQL (need SOAP::Lite on the server). I have released the code to the community, but still await someone else than myself to adopt the plugin.

The WS4Gotze web service over at GotzeLinked runs on the same plugin (old version) but I know somebody out there is using the service, and hereby give them a word of notice, since things are changing there too soon. You should drop me a mail and let me kknow if you are using my web services.

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