Interoperable Europe

EPAN, the network of European Directors-General responsible for public administration, has released a resolution from their 43th meeting. From the resolution:

4. The Directors General are of the opinion that transformation requires an integral approach, taking into account organizational, HRM, legal and financial aspects, as well as an adequate information infrastructure (including e.g. authentication mechanisms and basic registers) and interoperability frameworks based on open standards.

On the last bit, it is also worth noting related recent news: The Final version 1.0 of the European Interoperability Framework was released the other week after a long process. A few updates since the consultation draft have been made, so even if you know the EIF, read the official version!

I am not sure how many member states have “implemented” EIF’s main recommendation (creation of national interopframeworks). UK. France (where?). Germany. Denmark. There must be more.

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