Where’s the best e-democracy project or strategy?

My friend Steven Clift has launched a new initiative: E-democracy Best Practices – Submit, Draft, Discuss. On this new project site you can:

1. Recommend an E-democracy Project or Strategy (Best before 31 DEC 2004)
2. Commend an Online Feature or E-democracy Practice (Best before 24 DEC 2004)
3. Nominate “Most E-democracy Enabled Governments”
4. Nominate “Most Wired Politicians”
5. Share a Local E-Activism Story
6. Join the E-democracy Best Practices Leadership Team
7. Help draft or comment on Briefs and Case Studies (Honorariums available for accepted topics)
8. Get a preview of the new DoWire blog and wiki system

In particular, Steve is looking for “undiscovered” e-democracy projects outside the UK with relevant lessons for the UK local authorities. Steve has earlier identified the leading e-democracy practices, and found that most projects don’t make a fuss about themselves, perhaps because those closest to innovation often don’t realize they are ahead or in fact innovators. Help Steve uncover the stories and case studies to be told: Submit suggestions.

For updates on this UK Local E-democracy National Project-funded exploration of global e-democracy best practices, as well as other e-democracy projects around the world, join the 2800+ member Democracies Online Newswire e-mail announcement list and new blog. Also note these UK-based projects:

For more information on the UK Local E-democracy National Project, watch these sites.

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