Phil Windley opens 2005 with the launch of Windley’s Techometria. Technometry is the ‘measure of a skill or art’.

Like Phil, I’ve been spending some time on getting ready for next semester’s teaching. I will introduce the students to the T8 Blog and the T8 Wiki. I will use the blog as a news feed, and the wiki as an open platform for everyone related to the course, but of course mainly the students. I will ask the students to use the wiki to present their projects, and share thoughts and ideas.

I have also opened a wikiweb for my thesis students. We are going to arrange some seminars, and I thought the wiki would be a good addition.

I will keep the wiki open for anyone. I do request registration for contributers, in the hope I can avoid wiki spam. I think I will use the wiki for a few other purposes …

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  • Nice use of wiki’s for teaching, but I get a bizarre password field appearing that after 2 cancels disappears, letting me see the wiki page in the end.

  • Thanks Tom.
    I haven’t had such problems. The wikis seems to work for me and the students. But I’ll do some checking in the .htaccesses and such, although I must admit I am not expert.

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