My EA course at ITU had exams today/yesterday. Some (fortunately most) performed very well, but others didn’t do that good at all (one failed). Surprisingly, we did not have any in between. I guess one could crudely conclude that either you get it or you don’t. But as I reminded some of the students who didn’t do well, EA itself is not “binary”. Maybe, however, studying EA academically is more categorical, or at least, writing a relatively short, yet substantial, academic report for the exam is somewhat of a craft that you need to learn. Several students are practitioners and very experienced, also in the architecture field, so they faced the challenge of “being academic” (more refective) about their own situation.

In the coming semester, T8 Spring 2005 will be offered as normal classes on a weekly basis. The netbased format proved too challenging for both students and the teacher. In additon to the classes, I will use my wiki/blog-solution.

I have revised the list of course material, but will continue using Carbone as the main textbook. In addition, some Zachman, Herzum, Hagel and more, almost ad libitum. I use to tell the students that one of the challenges enterprise architects face is that they are easy victims of information overload, so they might as well get used to it …

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