Tagging eGovernment

‘Tags’ have become popular with services like del.icio.us, and now Technorati Tags ( explained). This has prompted me to play around with tags (GotzeTagged, below).

A tag is here understood as a simple category name, or a bit of metadata about whatever it is about.

With del.icio.us and the likes, tagging becomes a social activity, and that is what makes these new services interesting. And challenging …

For example, which of the following tags is “correct”: , or ?

I’ll be using egovernment. This is the name of the relevant blog category here, with Dave and with Phil.

If your blog tool/CMS does not support categories/tags, include the following code in your blog:

<a xhref="http://technorati.com/tag/egovernment" mce_href="http://technorati.com/tag/egovernment" rel="tag">egovernment</a>

I have been running GotzeLinked for quite a while (since 1997 or so), so I have been “tagging” the web for quite a while. One of the lasting challenges is about the choice of categories, and the relations between the categories. One of the most recently added categories is GotzeTagged: eGovernment.

GotzeTagged makes use of various external services, such as del.icio.us, MSN News, and Amazon (UK). I’m still working on some improvements to the user interface.

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