Danish elections

In case you missed the news, last Tuesday the Danish Prime Minister called for general elections on 8 February.

One of the features of the campaigns is the increased use of the internet. Blogging has taken on: Venstre (the ruling Liberal Party) has turned their website into a blog. The leader of Socialistisk Folkeparti (the Socialist People’s Party) has started Holger K’s blog, a standard TypePad-blog.

Walgblog, one of the independent election blogs, monitors the use of blogs in the campaigns, and counts 28 blogs out there by candidates, so it is far from widespread, but significant enough.

I have started an election blog too: IT i valgkampen (IT in the election campaign). Although it is tempting, I will not make any personal/political/professional comments there. I guess that’s one of the rules in the life of a civil servant …

So, leaving IT-politics aside for a while, my general feeling about the general elections in general is such that reference.com doesn’t have words enough to describe how bellicose, bitchy, brusque, cantankerous, churlish, contentious, contrary, cross, disobliging, disputatious, eristic, grouchy, ill-natured, irritable, nasty, obnoxious, offensive, peevish, pettish, petulant, querulous, rude, snappy, surly, twitty, ugly, unfriendly, ungracious, unlikable, unpleasant, uptight, waspish, and whiny the overall campaign has been so far in some areas (culture, environment) or how atrocious, cruel, demoniac, devilish, fiendish, impious, monstrous, nasty, serpentine, shocking, unhallowed, unpleasant, vicious, vile, villainous and downright wicked it has been in other areas (integration, employment, etc).

440hz.dk: “Denmark’s First Non-Partisan Election Movie”.

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