Feeding Utah’s CIO

Government Technology notes that State Web Site Picks Up Government Technology News. It’s about Utah’s state CIO using GovTech’s RSS news feed to display news headlines on their Web site.

In the story, GovTech’s Nick Mudge also explains that the Utah site uses my Feed2js service. Nick mailed me and asked if Government Technology could promote my service so that state and local governments can use this solution to display news on their Web sites.

Of course, I said “no problem”. Not only am I glad my server capacity is used by others than spam bots and such. I am also very happy to see RSS being promoted like this. GovTech offers a great number of good, thematic RSS feeds, which not only makes them a good example for other syndicators to follow, but also makes them a valuable resource for an government technology freak like myself.

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  • Thanks for loaning us your service. It allowed us to get the feeds up quicker. In addition to GT we also use Sabrina Pacifici’s feed http://bespacific.com/ for the interface between technology and the law. Hope all is well. Enjoyed meeting you a few (was it two) years back when you visited Utah. Al

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