Tools for GotzeTagged is a collection of productivity tools for GotzeTagged, my personomy.

The tools are implementations of some browser tools, for example a useful enhancement of the context menu:


Another cool tool is a reinvented editor bookmarklet that works with the current application api and http requests. I created the original bookmarklet 5 years ago, but had to change method as the application was updated over the years. I started using a robot plugin, but it didn’t work well. So, when playing around with the most recent LSQL it was a pleasant surprise that the old method can now be used again.

The tools are created for Firefox, my preferred browser. If you use anything else: Switch!

I am still learning how the sidebar works, and the sidebar tool I have released is in pre-alpha state.

As for sidebars and tabs in Firefox, I cannot get Firefox to transfer http request info between the tabs. I can get Firefox to transfer some content (user in Mycroft), but not stuff like location.href. If I open my bookmarklet in a new tab, I don’t get the same result as I get if I just click it open (new window, which Firefox hides).

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