Enabling Transformation

The hottest contemporary concept in the eGovernment Architecture Terminology is Transformation, especially as in Transformation Enablement.

For some time, Canada’s e-government mission has been Enabling Government Transformation. I envy their EA program, called the Business Transformation Enablement Program, BTEP. It seems that the ‘enterprise architecture = transformation enablement’ idea is spreading now.

In the US, FEA PMO has just released their 2005-2006 FEA PMO Action Plan: Enabling Citizen-Centered Electronic Government which presents the ‘FEA Roadmap to Government Transformation’. Technorati Tags: .

And as David Fletcher notes, Minnesota’s governor has just announced a Transformation Roadmap for an enterprise model of government. Technorati Tags: .

In the UK a survey from Kable shows it’s also a phenomenon there, and notes that spending on business transformation service will continue to rise over the next three years, and rise from £1.8bn in 2005-06 to £2.3bn in 2007-08. Also Socitm has learned to say transformation. Technorati Tags: .

And here’s an example of a transformation happening in the e-gov community: Until recently, the UK-based eGovMonitor was available only as a subscription service. After a transformation process, they now offer an open service, and is now running daily eGov news, announcements and features. The focus is on eGovernment from a management, business-led perspective. So far mainly from a UK perspective, but some international stuff is coming soon, I can safely say (look out for an upcoming contribution from yours truly). They hide it well, but there is a RSS feed. Subscribed.

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