5th, 4th, now 3rd

Well, it’s time for me to update a slide in my standard presentation on eGov.

One of the annual milestones in the eGov community is Accenture’s annual e-government survey. I just found out that the 2005 (fifth) survey is out: Leadership in Customer Service: New Expectations, New Experiences.

This year’s study revealed four main findings:

  • eGovernment is well advanced and should now be an integral component of a much broader service delivery agenda.
  • Future leadership will be defined by strength in all areas of customer service.
  • Citizens’ willingness to embrace a new generation of services outpaces governments’ ability to deliver them.
  • Governments are making their service investment decisions without a clear view of the outcomes they effect.

22 countries are included in the survey, and are classified in four groups: the Trendsetters, the Challengers, the Followers and the Formative ones. The two top-ranking trendsetters this year are Canada and the US. Denmark is ranked third (jointly with Singapore) this year, and that’s one up from last year, and two up in two years – so in two years, we will be number one if this is a continuing trend 🙂

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