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I love teaching, supervising and coaching. Especially when the students are good and motivated. My masters thesis students Signe and Flemming/Rasmus have now handed in their theses. Well done, guys! Signe worked with EA and serviceorientation in government, and Rasmus and Flemming worked with SOA and XML in the Parliament. Signe’s already got a job, but I think Rasmus and Flemming are still available.

My Enterprise Architecture Masters Course at the IT-University of Copenhagen is now open for enrollment for the Autumn, also as an Open University offering for practitioners.

It’ll be the fourth time, I am offering this course. I keep changing things, and this time around, I will offer the course as a late afternoon/evening class. That should make it more attractive to practitioners. To make it more attractive to all students, the usual “heavy” mini-project has been replaced by a few assignments during the course.

And, it’ll be the third course text book I try. As I mentioned earlier, I have found what I think is a perfect course text book.

Students at the MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) might also get a chance to read this book under my guidance. We’ll know in a few days.

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