Creative Interoperability

On Friday evening, we launched a new release of our National e-Government Interoperability Framework. The site is bilingual (Danish and English), but the press release is only in Danish.

The new release is a maintainance release, but has some important news. The Danish name “Referenceprofilen” (the reference profile) has been retired, and it is now called “OIO-kataloget” (OIO Catalogue). We’ve adopted a number of new standards too, and changed the recommendations on some too – for example, SAML is now a recommended standard.

I’m also happy to announce that the complete interoperability framework has been published under a Creative Commons License. Let the sampling begin! There’s an experimental webservice, RSS-feeds and more ways to get to the content. Read more on our site, and do let me know if you want to help test the webservice or want any information about the framework.

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