Gone bootstrapping

On Friday, I handed in my letter of resignation from my position as chief consultant in the National IT and Telecom Agency.

So, quitting a perfectly good and interesting job, why? Well, I’ve been employed by government all my profesisonal life and think it’s time for me to stand on my own feet :-)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed being a civil servant, and the decision to move on has not been an easy one. But, as I’m closing in on turning 40, I have felt an urge for changes in my life.

I don’t know whether my on-going “watch the complete West Wing seasons 1-4 in a month”-exercise under the concept “inactive vacation” has been the turning point in my considerations. Perhaps. I’ve served my terms, it’s time to move on.

So. What’s next?

Wait and see. Hmm. Anyone need a consultant? Call me.

What’s bootstrapping called in Danish? Thomas, any ideas?

Well, I’ll actually still be in the government payroll system, because I still have my non-tenured associate professorship at Copenhagen Business School, and will start teaching EA there and will also continue being in charge of the CBS-run EA-course at the IT-University, if we get students enough – we just need a few more to be safe; anyone interested? Sign up now! It’ll be a great class, I promise!

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  • Wow, I guess congratulations are in order. I look forward to finding out what your next move will be, I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

  • Brave move, Dr. Gotze! I have enjoyed working with you and I am sure that you will be a great EA consultant for government agencies – and private enterprises. The strategic e-government division will surely miss you, but I think that your experiences will benefit e-government in Denmark if you can “sell” the EA message to municipalize as well as regional and federal agencies. Have a great journey – and keep in touch!

  • Congratulations. Not an easy decision I am sure!
    It was a pleasure working with you, and your honest opinions will be missed – they were (and are) indeed needed, and your replacement will be difficult to find!
    But what now? It looks like you are going for the other side of the table: the private sector. A good move I believe. Any IT-company working with the public sector will for sure benefit from your experience!

    Keep us posted :-)

  • John: Congratulations on “moving on.” It was great meeting you through Fletcher when you were in Utah a while back. I too have moved on from public service and am in the IT and public administration consulting business. My first responsibility is with the Center For Digital Government as a Senior Fellow doing the work I enjoy most. I am also enjoying my new found freedom enormously! All my best. I’m sure you will be very successful in whatever comes next. Al

  • Good luck, John. You should have no trouble getting a job in the private sector. You could try Steria for example. Or there’s always independent consultancy.

  • Woo hoo! New adventures, John! Congrats. Here’s virtual chocolate to toast you with!

  • Well done John. there’s lots of stuff going on out there in the wide world outside of government. it’s been fun for me since i stopped working in government at the end of 2004. good luck!

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