I just got the shiny first issue of The Journal of Enterprise Architecture. I’m on the Editorial Board, but all credit for this excellent inaugral issue goes to Chief Editor, Scott Bernard, president of a|EA, The Association of Enterprise Architects, that also publishes the journal.

The August 2005 (Volume 1, Number 1) issue features a conversation with John Zachman, and contains the following articles:

  • The Profession of Enterprise Architect, by Carolyn Strano and Qamar Rhemani
  • Interfaces for Enterprise solutions, by Greg Deller
  • Simplify the creation of enterprise architecture with special expert teams, by Alex Pavlak
  • EA: II’S NOT JUST FOR IT ANYMORE, by David Mayo and Michael Tiemann
  • Towards Executable Enterprise Models: Ontology amd Semantic Web Meet Enterprise Architecture, by Irene Polikoff and Robert Coyne.
  • Case study: The District of Columbia’s City-Wide Enterprise Architecture, by Thomas Mowbray.

Scholars and practitioners: Submit your articles!

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