Open desktop

I am running an experiment. This is how my desktop looks:

Johns desktop

As this illustrates, I am trying to run only open source (and free) products on Windows XP. I use OpenOffice for my office documents, Firefox (1.5 is out now!) as my browser, Thunderbird as my email client, and Sunbird as my calendar.

I don’t miss Word, PowerPoint and Outlook the least. The MS Office install-CD sits in the CD-tray, but I have not once felt a need or urge to install it.

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  • Great John – now for the final jump, I guess you need to install Linux. has an offer on SuSe with a seminar (this saturday) included – B there 😉

  • Actually, I do have Linux on a partition of my laptop. I don’t think I’m ready to switch to this as my everyday environment. I’ve used Linux on my servers for years now, and here it’s my preferred platform.
    Oh, sorry, I got some Christmas thingy on Saturday, so can’t join you.

  • Good to hear about your success running the open office applications. Have you any experience with open project management applications?

    For personal, non-governmental and non-confidential projects, I’ve used the web application BaseCamp, but I’m not finding an open alternative to MS Project, either to have a open format or use on an OS X or other Mac or Unix OS.

  • Barbara,

    I’ve used BaseCamp too. It’s innovative, but sometimes “less is more” just doesn’t do it …
    I have tried a few OSS project management tools, but so far none that impresses me (I’m on the other hand someone who dislikes all such tools; never used MS Project with any benefits). But there are many I haven’t tried; see for a list of links to tools.

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