Modernising Danish eGov setup

Danish Computerworld just broke the news about changes in the governance and institutional setup for eGovernment in Denmark. There are as far as I can tell not yet any official announcements, but from what CW says, the Digital Taskforce is merging with two centres in the Ministry of Finance, 11th Office, which deals with modernization issues, and 14th Office, which deals with cutting red tape. The new office is called Office for Administrative Policy (or Public Management, perhaps?).

Congratulations to Lars Frelle-Petersen, who will be appointed to co-lead this new centre. I’ve worked with Lars for several years, and think he’s the right person to lead the efforts.

It is my hope that this new centre will take the lead in further developing the national enterprise architecture programme.

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  • Please keep us posted on the progress of that organization’s development, John.

    We’ll need someplace to point after Massachusetts wraps up its successful bid for open standards and the universal file format gets well on its way.

  • Congratulations with your merits! Or as we would say in Scandinavian languages – Gratulerer! I’ve been a fan of ‘DITA’ (Danish IT Achitecture) for some time now, and it’s good to watch your continuous efforts for simplification …even though I must admit I find myself envying you a little bit from time to time. Here in Norway, our recent change of governments has caused a halt of progress in terms of e-government initiatives, but we hope it’s temporarily!

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