Carpe apertio

In Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems, we wrote: We welcome your ideas, best practices and case studies, which will keep this roadmap a vital, living tool. I have created a wikified version of the roadmap for OeG members and others to continue working on the roadmap to make it a vital, living tool. By extending it, elaborating on it, commenting on it, and whatnot. The wiki also contains updates info about translations and roadshows, and is already quite active.

OeG Founder Jeff Kaplan has also started a blog. Subscribed. I like the tag line: Carpe apertio (Seize openness).

I introduced the roadmap in Danish in PÃ¥ vej mod Ã¥bne it-økosystemer – eller: Openization!, in the November issue of Prosit, a newsletter to students, published by Prosa, the Danish Association of Computer Professionals.

I have another article (in Danish), Kommunalreformens it-udfordringer (PDF-version) in Prosabladet, a monthly journal published by Prosa. That article is about the IT challenges in the municipal reform, and the need for architectural work.

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