Engineering Openization

John in Parliament. Photo: Kim Agersten/Polfoto.

The Danish weekly called Ingeniøren (Engineering Weekly) has on Friday an article, Politisk flertal kræver Ã¥bne it-standarder (Political majority requires open standards”) by Kurt Westh Nielsen. Kurt of course writes about our conference, and the fact that there was wide agreement among politicians that open standards are a good thing.

I’m quoted twice – and swear in one of the quotes (sorry Mom!). It’s about the use – or lack of use – of open standards in government online services. Indignation seemed a good approach, and I wasn’t the only one “caught” swearing …

The best quote of the day goes to Morten Kjærsgaard from OSL who closed the conference with an Elvis quote: a little less conversation, a little more action.

Bonus link: Sam Hiser: What is OpenDocument … Again?

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