I have established a local Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects (a|EA) together with my good friend and ex-colleague, Kristian Hjort-Madsen, who serves as a|EA’s international secretary.

The inaugural meeting of the a|EA Denmark Chapter will take place at the IT University in Copenhagen on March 2 from 2pm-5pm. Besides establishing the chapter (electing board etc.), the meeting will include various EA-presentations. If you want to join us, contact Kristian or me. We need a few good people to join the local board, so if you’re interested in helping, get in touch. Remember that only member can join the board. Become an a|EA member now! We welcome professionals as well as students.

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  • Hi John,

    I’m sure there are quite a few people here in Denmark who’d consider joining Association of Enterprise Architects. If they knew a bit more about the organization. However, when browsing the a|EA’s site, it’s hard to tell what the member benefits are. I have previously considered joining myself, but choose not to, as it was unclear to me how I would benefit from a membership. I’d like to show up March 2nd. But how about some persuasion, and info on a|EA :-)

    Cheers – and see you


  • Count me in :-)

  • Hi John,

    Like Stig I’ve been looking at a|EA earlier, but haven’t found a good reason to join.

    Like Stig I’ve browsed the a|EA site and not really found a information about the benefits.

    However meeting you John, and having a cup of coffee from time to time, might be reason enough to consider joining one more time ;-).

    No really, I too would like some information about “what’s in it for me”, so please info and persuasion about a|EA.

    BTW, I’ll show up on March 2nd – See you


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