Danmark 2.0

I am very pleased to announce a new blog:

Danmark 2.0

Danmark 2.0 (RSS)

I’m now a resident blogger for:
[Ingeniøren, Engineering Weekly, is Denmark’s leading publication in the fields of science and technology providing high quality and objective information on a weekly basis.}

In Danmark 2.0, I’ll be blogging in Danish about the Danish development towards a digital, network society – about e-government, standards, and what-not. I’ve started with an entry about open document standards. In the entry, I point here (check it!) and here/here/here (well, check these too)..

Update 1: RSS-feed link updated.
Update 2: My new blog at ing.dk is an addition to my blogging, not a replacement of this blog, if anyone could get such a thought. I’m now blogging in two languages – English here, and Danish there (and here).

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