ODF – an ISO standard

It was all over the news last week, but the official word from ISO only just came out: ISO and IEC approve OpenDocument OASIS standard for data interoperability of office applications. A couple of quotes:

Alan Bryden, ISO Secretary-General:

“ISO/IEC 26300 is a shining example of what partnership in standardization can achieve for the business community. Its publication underscores the importance of partnership among ISO and IEC and standards developing organizations such as OASIS to craft a common set of standards, and reflects the international community’s recognition of the importance of open formats in enabling business interoperability.”

Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS:

“ISO/IEC JTC 1’s approval of OpenDocument as an International Standard is a major step forward in advancing the adoption of a format that gives all of us the flexibility to select the office application – commercial or open source – that best meets our needs. We are particularly gratified by the broad range of national ballots cast in favour of the standard. This action underscores the international support for the OASIS open standards process that produced OpenDocument and delivers an assurance of long-term viability that is particularly important to governments.”

Openization vs Deathstars: 1 – 0

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