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Transformation time in Gotzespace! I’ve decided to switch to WordPress, and have nearly finished the transition. This includes the introduction of a new domain for GotzeBlogged, gotze.eu. Existing Gotzespace.dk links should however still work, but redirection of the blog and its feeds is permanent. I have gone through some efforts to not break any links, but do let me know if anything is missing.

One of the reasons I decided to leave MovableType was that I didn’t feel anything happened to it. Ironically, just as I had made my decision, SixApart announced a new version of MT. It’ll have to be a significant improvement, because I’m very satisfied with WP now, and see no reason to go back to MT.

WordPress is a very nice product. It being open source is an important criteria, but my choice is based on the quality of the product, and it just simple beats MT on all accounts I have prioritised.

My Atom feed is a valid Atom 1.0 feed: [Valid Atom 1.0] (thanks to these instructions).

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