Planet Gøtze

Next phase in the transformation of Gotzespace has begun. Since my blog now resides at, the domain (web) is now used for my new Planet Gøtze. Its named that because it is using a planet aggregator, and because it tracks the inner and outer Gøtzespace (my blogs, my tags, etc.).

Usually planets track technologies (such as Open Office, Debian, and GNOME) or blogsubspheres, but in my case, the planet just tracks my space, and that’s its only purpose. I don’t think my server could handle my complete reading list anyway.

I just wanted a simple planet, and ended up using Lilina. I removed a number of its features, such as the google lookup, which slows down the page too much.

On a general note, I notice that many bloggers have started to include their or whatever tags in their blog feeds. That’s in my opinion a bad idea. If I want to subscribe to people’s personomies, I can do so at or whereever they tag. Blog feeds are for blog entries!

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