Wanted: eGov insights

“I will give you insights on other leading countries eGovernment strategies if you (or maybe a co-worker to you) would help me with a 12 min. eGov web-survey with 12 questions.”

That’s how one of my students introduces a survey he’s conducting at the IT University in Copenhagen Denmark. “I am working on an e-Government project – comparing strategies of leading e-Government counties, like yours,” Michael Hvass writes.

Alas, his target group is a bit reluctant in replying to the survey – he has only asked one person (a key e-gov official) for each of around 20 nations. But as his supervisor, I will argue that he will get valid data for his purposes with a wider target group, so I thought I’d invite anyone working with or for a government on e-gov to participate in his survey.
The survey is located at: www.hvass.nu/egov

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