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UPGRADE, the European Journal for the Informatics Professional, has just published an Open Document Format Monograph.
The monograph is published on behalf of CEPIS by Novática (ATI, Spain), in English and in Spanish. The English version is available online: download as PDF, see content and summaries. The Spanish version is out in print and soon online.

I warmly recommend the monograph’s articles. I’m of course pleased about my contribution (announced earlier), but recommend reading several of the others first.

These are the articles:

OpenDocument Standard for Digital Documents
Jesús Tramullas-Saz and Piedad Garrido-Picazo, Guest Editors

Open by Design: The OpenDocument Format Standard for Office Applications
Erwin Tenhumberg, Donald Harbison, and Rob Weir

Is OpenDocument an Open Standard? Yes!
David A. Wheeler

OpenDocument Hidden Traps and their Side Effects on Free/Open Source Software
Marco Fioretti

ISO-26300 (OpenDocument) vs. MS-Office Open XML
Alberto Barrionuevo-García

Interoperability: Will the Real Universal File Format please Stand Up?
Sam Hiser and Gary Edwards

ODF: The Emerging Document Format of Choice for Governments
Marino Marcich

Promotion of the Use of Open Document Formats by the IDA and IDABC Programmes
Miguel A. Amutio-Gómez

A Brief History of Open Standards in Denmark
John Gøtze

Standard Open Formats and Libre Software in the Extremadura Public Administration
Luis Millán-Vázquez de Miguel

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