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I wrote a Danish article in Version2 published yesterday. Here is my translation:

Danish Document Controversy Raises International Concerns

OpenDocument Foudation is very concerned about the development in Denmark. Moreover, the organisation is readying a plugin that will make it even easier to use the ODF-format.

John Gøtze

The awareness of the political initiatives around the usage of open standards reaches beyond Denmark.

“Denmark needs a winning attitude, but this policy is appeasement”, comments Sam Hiser, Director of Business Affairs in OpenDocument Foundation, an organization promoting and supporting ODF.

Sam Hiser is following the international development around ODF closely, and is not pleased with what he hears from Denmark.

“Denmark’s dual format policy is one of the more depressing events in recent months”, he says.

“It sets a precedent for compromise that paints Danish agencies into a corner,” he argues.

Hiser proposes that the Danish policy should above all permit CIOs to do the necessary business process re-engineering to get away from the control of tMicrosoft.

“We’ve always thought our conception of an ODF Plugin for MS Office as being among Microsoft’s worst nightmares. And that it is. Something which goes into Windows XP/Office and permits native file open, edits and save as ODF is going to be very interesting”, Hiser tells about the ODF Foundation’s plugin.

There are other ODF-plugins to Microsoft Office. First, Sun’s Plugin for MS Office, which produces an OpenOffice-equivalent conversion to ODF. Second, the Microsoft/Clever Age/Novell Plugin for Office 2007.

The OpenDocument Foundation calls their ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office “da Vinci”, but is not yet an finished product.

Hiser explains that the da Vinci plugin has two elements the others do not. First, it has a ODF InfoSet API for server-side integration with the ODF Plugin for MS Office. Second, it has a ODF Feature-Set Wizard to help organizations govern the features in their office files.

Hiser explains that the OpenDocument Foundation’s plugin will ensure vendor independence when developing applications that use the document data.

Thanks, Sam!

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