SOA This. SOA That.

When I a month ago prepared for a lecture about architecture, I found some interesting videos on YouTube. My students loved them. So, when I today gave a talk to a group of Danish CIOs, I thought of showing at least one of them, but on site decided not to because there wasn’t internet access.
I first found the video Meet the Architects, an example of viral (or maybe not so viral) marketing from a place called, but by and large, a decent “light” way of applying the urban planning metaphor to describe architectural work. I’m sure there was a more subtle campaign site there, but now it points to Microsoft’s skyscrapr, “a new site on MSDN where you can learn about software architects and architecture”. Skyscrapr seems to be a pretty cool information service, see for example their Archipedia, which offers brief descriptions of (software) architectural terms.

And then I found Greg the Architect: SOA This. SOA That. and Greg the Architect: ROI of the Beholder. This is Tibco‘s award-winning viral SOA marketing. I’m not sure about SOA Now, the magazine the videos promote, but I love the videos.

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