Interoperability, Change and Architecture

Have you noticed how relatively little is written about enterprise architecture in government? Time to change that …

We started writing this report as a final deliverable from the ICA Study Group on Enterprise Architecture in Government, which we co-founded back in 2003. Having done that, we then thought, why not keep writing. So we did.

The result is, we hope, a report that anyone concerned with transformational government will find worthwhile reading.

Our concern is government enterprise architecture, which in our view is far from “a big fat joke”1. Having said that, we also find a gap between what we see in government EA around the world and what we would like to see.

That’s how Olov Östberg and I start off our report, Interoperability, Change and Architecture (PDF, 1,2MB), to the International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration, ICA, and the EA world at large.

We would love to get comments on the report.

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