Airlines and EA

If anyone out there has experience with enterprise architecture in the airline business, I would really like to hear from you.

I can offer a chief architect or CIO/CTO in an airline some intensive sparring with 15 skilled architects during the week of 8-12 October. Need review of your target architecture? Sequencing plan? Particular artifacts? Or just want to share some of your stories and experiences?

If you happen to be in Northeren Europe (esp. Belgium or Netherlands), and can come to Antwerp, you’d be invited to join us in person. Or if you’d like to help via phone or email, we can also work with that.

I would also appreciate comments, stories, links etc to anything of interest to EA in the airline industry (air transport and aerospace in general too).

I personally only know the airline business as a customer (frequent traveller), but judging from that, I can easily imagine EA being not just neceassy but indeed also challenging in an airline. In other words, same situation as in most other industries, but maybe even more so than most other places.

EA necessary?
Well, yeah, with all those standards, requirements and controls the business needs, and all the prescribed processes, data exhanges, and system interoperability/connectivity, of course EA is needed.

EA challenges?
Well, yeah for sure! With hub-locks, safety concerns, e-ticketing, traveller convenience demands, green house gasses, service valuation and process elimination, and many more drivers from the strategic level (what’s our mission?) all the way down to the technology and infrastucture level (99,9% uptime not good enough on mission-critical systems, etc.). Oh, and the VLJs and the fourth platform.

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