My iPhone

I just had to have one …

On my recent trip to the US, I couldn’t resist dropping by an Apple Store to buy an iPhone. Of course, it had to be hacked and jailbreaked to work here in Denmark. But thanks to Ulrik and a TurboSIM-card, it now works with my Danish SIM-card, so whenever you call me, you call my iPhone.

And what a cool gadget it is! Stunningly great design.

It works seamlessly with my wifi (something my other mobil phones never managed to; the iPhone just plugged in…), and the Safari browser experience is not too bad at all. Of course many webpages are unreadable, but the zoom function is great. There are some but not many websites that offer special iPhone versions, that the browser jumps into. An example of a site optimsed for iPhone users is this one. Oh, and Google Apps rock! My own blog also now servers iPhone users, who get a completely customised theme (thanks to this plugin). Expect to find more iPhone services here soon 🙂

So far, I have just installed one application. I chose the Book application. And then got Lessig’s book. I’m not sure I’m gonna read it in this environment, but I do see a potential for lighter reading. Could see myself checking news and blogs here, and must check some of the iPhone applications out there. Any recommendations?

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