Agility Utility and Dense Clouds

I had the pleasure of supervising Adrian Sobotta on his Master Thesis (PDF) titled Enhancing the Agility Promoting Benefits of Service-Orientation with Utility Computing.

Abstract: Enterprises have been exploiting the agility improving abilities of information technology heavily in the last decade. The problem of lacking agility is especially important in today’s environment which has an overwhelming characteristic of ‘change’ defining it. As such, a number of enterprise aligning uses of information technology have been proposed by both academia and practitioners. One such use is the implementation of service-orientation that promotes loose coupling and reusability among other highly desirable agility drivers. This Master ’s thesis proposes an extension to the service-orientation design paradigm to include cloud based utility computing. This new design paradigm stands to promote enterprises level of agility higher than was possible before with ‘traditional’ service-oriented architectures alone. Download (PDF).

Highly recommended!

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