Next Book: Government 2.0 and Onwards

Now the Coherency Management book is out, my next book project has ben launched. With the working title “State of the eUnion – Government 2.0 and Onwards”, the book will be published in min-November this year (reason), so it needs to be written in a rush. I have already invited a number of contributors, but now take the Call for Participation open for a couple of days for anyone to submit an abstract.

We will accept legitimate and relevant remixes and reuses of stuff that deserves to be in a book. But we have pretty high standards, so do not be offended if we reject your proposal. In general, we want thoughtful, wellwritten contributions, shorter or longer, that discuss new business models for government and democracy. Contributions about technical matters are not likely to make it into the book, unless they are really wellwritten and ‘important’. I realise I personally will even have to struggle to build bridges over to, say, Coherency Management, but you just wait and see 🙂

As co-editor, I have teamed up with Christian Bering Pedersen, a young professional and digital native, who I supervised in his Master thesis project a few years ago. Christian has a sharp eye and tongue, and will be great to work with.

Confirmed contributors to the book are:

  • Don Tapscott, Canada
  • Mark Drapeau, USA
  • Alexandra Samuel, USA
  • Olov Östberg, Sweden
  • Tommy Dejbjerg Pedersen, Denmark
  • Tim O’Reilly, USA
  • David Weinberger, USA
  • Chris Potts, UK
  • and several others, whose names will be published in the near future.

The book will not be a heavyweight like the coherency managment book (540 pages). It will probably have nearly as many collaborators and contributors though, but typically with shorter chapters (essays).

Follow the book project via its infopage/website.

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