Launching The EA Game

I announced The EA Game in a recent Twitter status update:

Shall We Play A Game? Introducing The EA Game #entarch #systemthinking

I forgot to blog the link too: The EA Game project page/announcement. Still a good background read, but there’s more:

The #entarch league, the first public, online game session, has now been launched!

To participate:

0. Read and

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Create a team”. You need to provide some information:
    Team name (publically shown name, also your username)
    Team Captain (you, not shown publically)
    Team Captain Telephone (not shown, not used (but required field, so fill in something))
    Password (not shown, duh)
    Email (not shown)
    Liga (select #entarch league)
  3. Login. You should now see the ‘game board’ (a form). This is where you make your decisions.
  4. Click “Team Overview” to see the scores you get. Hint: Open this in another window, so you can look at both this and the decision form. (this is more useful after round 1, of course)
  5. Remember to save your decisions before the round deadline (weekly, first round a bit shorter).

That’s it, really. Then come back when the round turns, and review your scores and spend some days considering your future decisions. Then do steps 3-5 again.

About the game

The game was originally developed for usage in class room exercises at the IT University of Copenhagen, and version 1 of the game have been tested with succes there. The next phase – version 2 – is to make the game also work in an online, distributed and asynchronous environment. While version 2 is still work-in-progress, we have decided to launch the site now, and invite everyone to participate in the game, and help us gain experience with it and find out what to improve.

Feel free to comment here or in The EA Game Linkedin group.


The EA Game
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