Fuzzy Point of Failure

Apple, Oracle, the Danish banks and the Danish government, today demonstrates how vulnerable we digital citizens are.

I went to my online bank today. It told me I need to update Java, so I did (even if it is just a week ago I last did that, but hey, it’s Java so…). After doing so, I was met with this when I went to the bank:

My net bank today. “Blocked accessory”

The banks and the government use the same “One for All” identity system, NemID, so I tried logging in to the citizen portal, but am told:

Government single signon is also blocked.
Government single sign-on is also blocked.

It took me a while to find out what was happening. I couldn’t find any information on the web at first, and ended calling my bank’s support, who quickly pointed out that there exists a problem with Mac due to a forced update last night. Mac-brugere i problemer: Netbank virker ikke.

This particular problem’s root cause: Apple again blocks latest version of Java through OS X anti-malware system.

Java is today seen as a deprecated standard for NemID, and next version of it will be based on javascript. But next version is next year. Apple pulled the trigger too fast.


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