EA Voices as a Book

There is an Easter Egg over at EA Voices.

eavoicesbigFrom EA Voices: The Book:

Dear EA bloggers,

Thanks to you, EA Voices is a great source of enterprise architecture wisdom. Now aggregating blogs and writings by over 100 bloggers, the database is rounding 2 million words, and grows with around 100 posts monthly.

I think all this wisdom deserves even more attention than the website and apps can offer, and want to put EA Voices in print in the form of a book. I will publish the book, so it’ll be available on Amazon etc (print and digital).

I therefore invite you all to dig in your own blog archives, including all those drafts I know you sit on, and write up a chapter/essay for the book.

  1. What theme? As long as it is something of relevance to enterprise architecture, it’s up to you! When we gather the troops some themes may well flesh out.
  2. Target group? The primary target group is the enterprise architecture community, including aspiring architects, but possibly also others, such as CxOs.
  3. Number of words? Well, up to you, but I suggest shorter essay-ish chapters, so maybe around 2500 words?
  4. By when? Soon. Let’s get this thing out sooner than later! How about submission by 1st May?

Want to contribute? Sign up here.

Who can participate? Anyone with a blog that EA Voices indexes. If your blog is not yet in EA Voices, send me a link to it’s feed and I’ll include it. If you don’t have a blog at all yet, just create one at the numerous service out there (wordpress.com etc), and send me the link to its feed. If you don’t want to have a blog, but want to have an EA Voice in the book, just sign up and we will find a solution :-)

I suggest we use the hashtag #eavoices in open communications about the book.

I hope the bloggers will be interested.


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