EA Voices 1.1

Version 1.1
Version 1.1 portrait mode
Version 1.0

The EA Voices Apps have been updated. The Android version is now in Google Play, and should flag up if you already have it installed. The iOS version is being reviewed by Apple now; this may well take a while.


The new version has a new look and feel, as seen to the right. The main design idea was to make it look and feel more consistent throughout the app, which – it being a hybrid app – also means more like the EAVoices.com website.

The website and hence also the app uses responsive design to optimize both portrait and landscape mode. To the right above is the portrait mode, and below is the landscape mode:

Version 1.1 Landscape mode

I know a standard use case is to conduct a search, so I put a big fat search bar right in your face 🙂

The app’s menu has also been updated:


The last link, Glossary, is a new feature: A glossary of enterprise architecture terms and definitions (yes, the same as on EAGlossary.com). Click term to search for it in the database.

The Themes link is an attempt at giving an overview of what is talked about in the community. I am looking into ways to dig into the over two million words in the database. I have upgraded the search mechanism, and although it is not the fastest search in town, it does a great job in finding good search results.

For browser-based use, I also created a small “bookmarklet”:

EA Voices

Just drag-and-drop it to your bookmark bar, and then click that whenever you highlight a term somewhere, and get direct search results.


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