FEAPThe Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO), a “worldwide association of professional organizations which have come together to provide a forum to standardize, professionalize, and otherwise advance the discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA)”, has announced and published their EA Perspectives White Paper, ”Common Perspective on Enterprise Architecture”.

The Great Debate — what is enterprise architecture — resolved in a new paper, writes Stephen Ibaraki in a commentary/promotion article. The White Paper itself is slightly more modest:

As with any profession or practice, there are many definitions, perspectives, and schools of thought surrounding Enterprise Architecture. This paper addresses a shared goal among Enterprise Architects to evolve the practice from a fragmented, often poorly understood field to a “real profession,” on par with well-established professions such as accounting and engineering… This paper provides a high level description of Enterprise Architecture and what it can do for an organization, removing much of the jargon that often surrounds such efforts. It was written to provide insight into what Enterprise Architects do, what kind of skills are needed, and what results an organization should expect from their Enterprise Architecture efforts.

The White Paper is described by Brian Cameron and Nick Malik in an interview. Speaking of these gentlemen, check out @eabok and …



I will for now refrain from making comments on the White Paper and the EABOK revision. Will get my students to study both, and don’t want to give them too many hints just yet  ;-)


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