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I am honoured to be a member of the advisory board of Europe’s Foremost Independent Enterprise Architecture Conference, IRMUK EAC/BPM 2016 Conference, which will be held in London on 13-16 June 2016.

The Call for Speakers has been announced – to submit a speaking proposal now, click here.  We will be choosing keynotes, conference sessions and workshops on the following examples of themes and topics. If you have something we’ve not covered, please tell us anyway.

  • EA Success Stories
    Real-world case studies from all types of enterprise – on-the-ground examples of EA’s contribution to business decision-making, and positive impacts on business performance.
  • Maximizing the Value of EA
    Effective management strategies for EA, choosing the best opportunities and interventions, demonstrating EA’s value
  • Developing the EA Capability
    Designing the EA team, growing the capabilities needed for success, integrating EA with enterprise culture, using the optimummix of in-house and external skills.
  • Tools, Frameworks, Methods and Techniques
    Selecting, investing in, and leveraging the tools-of-the-trade –such as modelling software, alternative frameworks, best-practice methods, and essential techniques.
  • Innovation, Enterprise Design, and Investing in Change
    Stimulating and guiding enterprise innovation, designing change, influencing investments, governing projects.
  • ‘Big Picture’ Business Trends
    Harnessing the architectural opportunities of big-picture business trends – such as Outside-In Enterprise Design, Customer Journeys and Experiences, Digital and Post-Digital Business, Internet-of-Things, AI and Robotics, Big Data, Cloud.
  • What’s New and Next in EA?
    Innovating in EA itself – e.g. EA’s place in the organisation, value proposition, scope, primary focus, influence model, communication techniques.

Your submission can also help influence the design of the conference!  We finalise the conference themes and tracks based on what potential speakers tell us is happening in the real world of EA.

The conference programme will be published in February 2016 – please click here to request a copy of the programme when it is published.



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