I run a number of EA websites. I have recently started making native apps based on some of these websites, so-called hybrid apps.

Aggregated Enterprise Architecture Wisdom
EA Voices is a river of news and opinions about enterprise architecture. A robot fetches blog posts from over 100 enterprise architecture bloggers within the hour of being published. The database contains over 4000 posts and 2 million words. Around 100 posts are added every month.
The EA Voices Apps for both iPad/iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones are available in the app stores. The apps are made with one common source, which is open and available on GitHub. The apps are generated by PhoneGap.

October 2013: Release version 1.1. Glossary of terms, updated UI, better search function.

googleplayEA Glossary is a very simple web app for looking up enterprise architecture terms and definitions. Information sources are EA3The Common Approach / FEAF-II and ISO:42010.

The EA Glossary App for Android is a simple and clean native app for Android tablets and smartphones. It even works when offline.

EA Pad is my attempt at establishing a one-stop-shop for enterprise architects. The EA Pad library contains a lot of publicly available content, but is also used in our commercial work in EA Fellows and thus also serves as a client portal. EA Pad has been designed for use on a tablet and a smartphone.

I am planning to develop native EA Pad apps.

EA Resources, or is a large collection of links and documents. Today it mainly focuses on enterprise architecture relevant material, but it covers many other areas.