Project NemDigitaliser (literally, Easy Digitize) is a stupid name I came up with last year, and for various reasons recently returned to. It’s a stupid name because it may be confused with an official Danish government project, which it isn’t. It is, however, related very much to a specific government project:, “a social network and tool for development, knowledge sharing and a forum for the digitisation of Denmark”, run by the National IT and Telecom Agency, ITST. hosts several initiatives, including:

Project NemDigitaliser is my ‘hands-on’ experiments with the data provided through these initiatives. has a REST API. I looked at it last year, where I couldn’t really crack the nut, and ended up doing some simple screen scraping instead. I recently returned to the api, and have started to understand it, I think.

The api is performancewise superior: compare screen scraping and JSON.

I’m writing up some technical notes about my experiences, so far:

I welcome comments.

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