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So I managed to put together some working examples using the api to get Data Source Catalogue Data: Datakilder (code) and New Datakilder.

The important method when going after the data sources (Datakilde) is ResourceCategoryHandle as defined in /rest/resourcecategories, where we see that there are a number of different kinds of resources:

Thus, the ResourceCategoryHandle for a Datakilde is 150102, which shows that the Datakilde metadata is:

  • Maskinlæsbar / Machine Readable
  • Publiceringsmetode /Publishing Method
  • Dataejer / Dataowner
  • Betingelser / Use Terms

Note that this specific resource metadata is currently not available through the API! (confirmed)

A Datakilde’s primary data is retrieved via its ID: /resources/392860. The output includes these data elements:

  • TitleText
  • BodyText
  • ResourceOwnerGroupHandle.TitleText
  • CreatedDateTime
  • PublishedState.publishedDateTime
  • publishedStateCode
  • ResourceTaggedByHandleCollection.TagHandle.LabelText
  • ResourceTaggedByHandleCollection.TagHandle.handleReference
  • ResourceArtefactHandleCollection
  • ResourceReferenceHandleCollection.ReferenceHandle.TitleText
  • ResponsibleReference
  • VersionGroupHandle.handleReference
  • AliasText
  • ClassificationInstanceHandleCollection
  • VersionText
  • ContactInfoText
  • LawReferenceText
  • ResourceCategoryHandle.TitleText
  • ResourceCategoryHandle.handleReference
  • TaxonomyNodeHandleCollection

While the primary data is useful, and enough for many purposes, the unavailability of the metadata is a critical flaw in the current implementation (can’t check if a source is machine readable).

The web front end (example) offers the metadata (in a way that makes it hard to scrape). In the example, you may have noticed a reference to FORM, the business reference model. It is unfortunately only very few Data Sources that are using such a reference. Just as well, because where it is used, it uses an outdated TaxonomyNodeHandle, linking to the old version 1.3 of FORM.

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