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The Danish e-GIF (e-Government Interoperability Framework) was implemented in 2004 as part of the national EA-program and in response to the European Interoperability Framework. I then had the pleasure of leading this work, but left the agency about a year after.

Today, the Danish e-GIF boils down to being a list of technical standards. This list is available via Digitaliser.dks API. So are over 10.000 semantic data ‘standards‘ (XML Schemas).

To find the (technical) standards among the more than 16.000 resources in the repository, you need a ClassificationChoiceHandle. With such, you can use:


The classificationChoices are IDs for the level of recommendation of the standard. The framework uses the following levels of recommendation:

Qualifying search parameters are:


Wish list:

  • Freshness parameter in search, at least “sort by date”

More to come.

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