System Dynamics Models

The EA Game simulates decisions in an EA practice. To do this, System Dynamics is used: All logic, rules and relations are maintained in a System Dynamics model that covers the following areas:

To create and refine the model, Vensim is used.

See the diagrams below.

Every diagram can be extended and refined, and we are open to comments and suggestions. We are also very interested in ideas for other relevant causal loop diagrams and stock-and-flow diagrams.

Vensim Diagrams

EA Manager
EA Tools
Stakeholder communication
Organizational Development
Project governance


  • Nasty bit of spaghetti you’ve got going on there. Feedback loops are not at all clear.

  • John,

    Congratulation for this initiative. Whenever I can find some time I’ll post comments on some of the diagrams (on their pages). Now some general questions:

    1. Are these diagrams intended to be used only by their qualitative capacity?
    2. If not, how can we see the equations?
    3. Are the Vensim models available for download?
    4. Have you envisaged collaborative development of these models?

    And one idea related to the last question. Recently I published some CLDs on relations between Beliefs and Capabilities on my blog. Then I thought, I shouldn’t limit this with my assumptions, beliefs and experience, so now I plan to publish it as Insight maker model. The reason I chose this tool (by the way the models are initially developed with Vensim as well) is because I don’t know of any other online free collaborative environment for SD models. With the models that you published here, the potential is even bigger. The ones I mentioned are just CLDs and not SFDs so they will not benefit from the powerful simulation capabilities of Insight Maker, while yours can. Well, just a suggestion…

  • I am on a project where we have started to use Vensim and iThink as a tool for simulating the effectives of a capability and how to determine which capabilities to invest in. I will publish these in roughly six months as soon as we get the kinks out.

    I am so happy to here that there are others interested in using Systems Dynamics in modeling aspects of enterprise architecture. Keep up the good work.